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Friday, August 23, 2013

#Bloomberg - #Detroit Gone to the Dogs (Video)


Detroit's recent bankruptcy filing places it at the top of our list of major economic events along with the other circumstances that surround it. To many these events go beyond the horrors of a Hollywood epic. Because we know they are real!

This is a great multi-media article using both a supporting video and slide show to provide a substantive visual sense of just how bad it is on the streets of Detroit these days. There are wild hungry dogs roaming the streets; painting a picture of a lost world at damnation's edge. Raving animals who have been left behind by stressed owners unable to neither care nor feed their once beloved pets. And certainly for many of these family pets, the cycle of life mirrors the destitution of their former or current caregivers.

Bloomberg's story is a good one, reminding us that there are so many ways to view this city's plight from a human, economic, social and political perspective. Emphasizing that the determiners we use have not been enough to warn us to hit the breaks, long before the train speeds over the cliff. 

What can be learnt from this city's history - falling from the penthouse to the doghouse in less than a century? Where do we begin with our line of inquiry? Is there anything that can ever be done, particularly when global conditions are poised to worsen? 

Many questions without easy answers - and perhaps hiding omens of things to come.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
August 23,  2013

Downtown Detroit 1950's - 
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