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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marc Faber : Buy Gold To Protect Against The Next Crisis

Marc Faber : Buy Gold To Protect Against The Next Crisis

Oh My Gosh! Why all the Bugginess over Gold? It does nothing for our real economy, nothing to assure our on-going subsistence and expends currency from the real wealth of the planet. A net negative to planetary wealth.

Marc in this telephone interview is again taking on a senior role at the Pearly Gates, by saying or suggesting two things. Gold is insurance against systemic risk. And investors should hold up to 25% of their portfolio assets in gold. There is no way on earth that he can predict or state this just based on past events. The future is filled with a vast number of permutations, as regards the possibilities and possibilities of outcomes. One is that the price gold collapses more that everything else for any number of reasons. To say gold is some form of insurance against anything is - JUST PLAIN STUPID!

That said,obviously the 25% gold allocation is also not so wise for non-speculative portfolios.

When the crap really hits the fan, folks are going to be thinking more about gas, water, food and medicine. Things get pretty basic.
But let's not get into the prediction game here.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
February 26, 2013

" Peter, Gold Is Insurance Against Systemic Risk!" - GOD

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