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Monday, November 18, 2013

Never go Home? - #Fukushima

INSPECTING FUKUSHIMA. A handout picture provided by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco), shows Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Toshimitsu Motegi (L) pointing to contaminated water storage tanks during his visit at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Okuma, northeast of Tokyo, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, 26 August 2013. Photo: EPA / TEPCO / HANDOUT

The Guardian

Never Go Home?

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Could you imagine not being able to ever return home again for whatever reasons? Most of us would certainly be very upset and perturbed by such a situation. But that's exactly what the people who lived near the Fukushima nuclear plant are facing.

One leading Japanese Physicist remarked that had events spun out of control, then most of Northern Japan would have been uninhabitable. They are still not out of the woods yet, as there are many risks around the site that could trigger more disasters. Consequently there are many concerns that arise from this on-going situation that could also trigger a devastating financial crisis in Japan that would ripple through-out the world. Moreover, should Japan make a effort to rebuild from all this, then you can expect sharp increases in global interest rates to emerge.

Call it the Fukshima Financial Contagion - but that may be just the wake-up call we need to realize how fragile the overall energy situation is becoming. 

Dr Peter G Kinesa
November 18,2013

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