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Friday, March 8, 2013



You can probably tell by now that we have a little bit of a sense of humour around here. It was Churchill who once said, "a joke is a very serious matter" so we take his thought to heart and use it to uncover perspective and a sense of sanity. Anyway, we are having a little fun with  this story as we received over one thousand email enquiries from folks wanting to contact our realtor in South Kiev for his farm listings.

What 's more revealing is the breakdown of the top five countries we received enquiries from:

Greece -  23.4%
Newfoundland (Canada) -  17.4%
Italy - 12.6 %
America - 8.6%
Japan - 6.9%   

Next week we are going to start selling global retail franchises - "Faber's Farm Fresh Pierogies" - billions served. 

Have a great day!

Dr Peter G Kinesa
March 8, 2013

Marc selling, and Me (inside cooking) at Pilot Mobile Outlet

Marc Faber - "SELL EVERYTHING" - A Correction Could Start Any Day

Worth watching Marc dodge Maria's skeptical questions in this CNBC interview. We are not  being as analytical as Dr Kinesa's in his post today about the mathematics and logic of everything. In fact, we go along with Faber and Kinesa  foreseeing stormy markets ahead as we plow through this  "Ice Age " in valuations trapped by rates being too low, for too long - with no easy way out of the trap. 

When you listen to Dr Doom and the best bets he can put forward are the Ukraine and Viet Nam; you get a real sense that things are pretty tough. He does like the resource sector, but does not point to any specifics. Technology stocks are also on his watch list  - have consumer gadgets and applications peaked?

Who knows as consumers, according to recent studies, certainly do not seem to be as concerned about the environment anymore - that puts a damper on green tech as well.

Oh well, who has a retail pierogi farm or franchise for sale? 

First Financial Insights
March 4, 2013

Pierogi Farms Cheap!  - Exceptional South Kiev Investment Properties

$50,000 US - 10 Acres
Contact Ivan Jureychuck
Cabbage Roll Farms Realtors 

Best Sellers List