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Friday, February 8, 2013

Jim Rogers : I have my money invested mainly in natural resources and currencies

Jim Rogers : I have my money invested mainly in natural resources and currencies

Jim what happened to your farms in Iowa? Noticeably there is no mention of stock and bonds. 

Why? Despite what John Bogle from Vanguard professes, stocks and bonds are set for an unprecedented collapse in values once the inflation demons and rising interest rates ravage their valuations back to never never land. John has no touch with the physical realities of our times and cannot see the onset of a market collapse that few investors may ever recover from. 

So John stick to your charts, trends and speculations and we will bet on the existential realities that determine the real values required to sustain the human enterprise. Values that operate under the governing laws of physics and mathematics. Laws that cannot be negotiated, regulated or speculated away by Vanguards, Buffets or Goldman Sachs. Laws that will dictate the few winners and many losers.

Oh yeah, by the way, we like Jim's approach; but where's the farm?

Dr Peter G Kinesa
February 7, 2013 

Vanguard to launch new FARM FUND?


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