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Monday, January 7, 2013



Article: Diminishing Returns

Here also are comments sent to my colleagues regarding this superb article:

Dearest Colleagues:

The attached article, by Chris Clugston, provides superb graphical and narrative insights and lessons on the implications of diminishing marginal returns from the extraction of NNRs.

Starting with Nauru, then Europe and now Fiscal Cliffs as evidence, no one can refute the direct relationship that exists between diminishing NNR extraction returns and the collapse of economies, and in turn societies. Applied neo-classical economic theory contributed much to those situations, and its shortcomings creep almost daily into the forefront of financial media headlines, but still with much of the same denial and rhetoric.

I also included First Financial Insights comments to Mr. Clugston, to further highlight that the hard constraints we face, are now becoming much more definable; to the point where we can project with certainty how long the planet's NNRs will be practical to extract for our production and consumption purposes. It is also assured, that most societies, economies and political structures will have succumbed to utter chaos and anarchy, well before the complete extraction of all NNRs occurs.

An answer to the last question would provide a reasoned thoughtful view as to when a possible exhaustion of NNRs could occur, but there are too many variables; I believe, to venture a definitive date. The same is true for climate chaos, economic collapse, natural events or nuclear annihilation. All are dark horses in a race to the human-experiment's finish line. All could garner some form of speculation as to which of them will enjoy the dark glory of its winner's circle.

One may handicap a favourite in this final race, but the ambiguity and random nature of events moving forward, to my knowledge, make it impossible to determine a winner. Until then, I guess we should just enjoy the discourse of our speculations, live in peace and fight the fight.

Of Kindest Regards,

Dr Peter G Kinesa
January 6, 2013

A Dark Horse Race to the Finish

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