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Saturday, December 15, 2012

HBO LIVE: #FABER vs #KRUGMAN 2012 Heavyweight Title Fight

Marc Faber: Paul Krugman Should Go & Live In North Korea

The gloves are off - and the promoters are lining up for the biggest fight ever. Battle of two heavyweights, as they both seek to become the "Crowned Heavyweight Abtractionist of the World. So get your tickets now, for this winner take all match.

Right now the betting line is about even. Krugman is sure to score some quick points with the historic benefits of government intervention by way deficits and debts. But Faber's counter punch, that extreme intervention, as evidenced by North Korea does not provide the knock out blow. Leaving Krugman with the opportunity to float like a butterfly and then sting like a bee, with a peppering of Keynesian rhetoric.

Will Faber then attack with inside body blows that smash this body of economic knowledge that has perpetrated the economic meltdown and assured the prompt demise of the human condition?
No doubt Krugman will continue to dance around with fanciful words and archaic charts, to avoid the devastating upper cut to his positive sum game theories. Should the negative sum game reality hit either fighter - then don't expect this fight to go beyond the early rounds.

So tune in. Get your tickets early. Place your bets on which fighter will figure out first: Why we got it all wrong?

"Telling it like is from the 2012 Thrilla in Manilla"

Dr Peter G Kinesa
December 15, 2012


"2012 Thrilla in Manilla"


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