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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Professor Erle C Ellis - Miracles to Save Japan and World Economy

Professor Erle C Ellis - Miracles to Save Japan and World Economy

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Fukushima Nuclear power plant  in Japan

This above linked article from The Guardian underscores our deep concerns about the world's third largest economy. The country is shutting down its last nuclear plant for maintenance and is unlikely to see a prompt return to this energy source any time soon. Maybe 2015. That means greater reliance on imports such as liquid natural gas  leading to soaring energy costs for business and consumers. Just another blow to an already long-ravaged economy.

This also affects export trade as costs will certainly rise. In order  to compete and maintain trade volumes, the yen will undergo a further period of downward pressures, but this creates a vicious circle as import cost will concurrently rise. Japan is starting to show the same symptoms as other resource strapped nations including the incumbent social unrest.

One final point, this all has nothing to do with overpopulation, resource scarcity, peak oil, climate change nor collapsing biodiversity according to the renowned Professor Erle C Ellis, University of Maryland. Predicting based on local sources that Japan is just moments from building a new top-super-secret technology that converts radioactive water into oil and other minerals. A miracle device that will allow for further exponential growth into a bright new future. Ellis believes that more miracles create the economic path to future prosperity   

Otherwise, the Japanese miracle is now just a long old memory!

Dr Peter G Kinesa
September 17, 2013

"Miracles - take at look at me now!"

Professor, Erle C Ellis, PHD

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