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Tuesday, September 24, 2013




" I don't see a thing, Doctors"

According to sources close to the matter, International Governments recently required all senior executives and editors at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp to undergo MRI brain scans in an effort to determine why they continue to deny all scientific evidence regarding Climate Change and counter the science with fabrications, falsehoods and propaganda. There apparently was a real fear, in the medical community, that a rare strain of pandemic virus had attacked their truthy prefrontal cortices which is a section located close to the inner brain's hippitatus colon, situated way below the mid-frontal lobes, near the APT orifice. The papers and networks included in the investigation were such notables as "The Wall Street Journal,"  "The Daily," "Financial Post" and  FOX News.

Reports were filed today by the Chief Neurosurgeons at an undisclosed New York clinic; everyone was pleased and ecstatic over the results. As you may have guessed by now, "there was nothing to report" So it is back to business as usual in the happy halls of News Corp, who can again continue to report and make-up scumbag stories based on nothing.

Seriously, countering this fictional reporting is the battle in the Canadian construction industry where tighter legislation is forcing developers to use more wood over concrete in their projects. In their public arguments, expressed in National Advertising, the Concrete Industry rightfully argued that given the increase in extreme weather conditions their product was much more capable of withstanding future severe weather conditions. Pointing to recent flood costs, associated with severe weather attributed to climate change in both Calgary and Toronto, the Insurance Bureau of Canada was also supportive of this industry's position, as follows:   

Read their full reports above or watch the video below. But what should be perfectly clear, that outside the hoaky world of unprofessional tabloid journalism,  real industries and honest people are taking measures to deal with these climate change events. And they make no bones about the fact that it is real and that more can be expected. Remember, they all have real skin in the situation, not just words.  

For now, we have nothing further to report, but ask that you carefully weigh the facts and fiction to draw your own conclusions. Or just call and ask Aunt Katrina or Uncle Sandy, for their views on matters.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
September 24, 2013

Nothing to report, means there is nothing to worry about or with?



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