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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marc Faber - US is in 50-100 trillion worth of Debt!

Marc Faber - US is in 50-100 trillion worth of Debt!
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This is exactly what I said two days ago - is Marc reading our posts? - You betcha he is. 

Anyway whether its Faber, Gross or Kinesa making this somewhat obvious statement of fact, the main point I believe that needs to be emphasized, is the value of the liability in physical terms. Using OIL as a surrogate for dollars, there is 1.200 trillion known barrels of reserves, globally. Using $90 a barrel as the unit value, then the  total reserves equates to nearly $108 trillion. Meaning to repay all the US'$s debts today, would require the use of nearly all physical global oil reserves,;this does not include provisions for any interest carrying charges,increased demand or new debt. 

Now you can see the big problem we got  here. What's left over to run the economy now and tomorrow, once all this US debt is repaid. NOTHING. Moving to another planet is not a solution, nor should we expect a Santa Claus magic invention to save the day. This is not a movie. Thus, we can either make drastic cuts in demand -even 2% a year compounded could get us there - or we face a future, where global hostilities and unrest will dominate every waking moment.

Sleep and anti-depressent drugs offer  counter market opportunities.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
March 3, 2013  

US Debt Repayment - A Staggering Physical Need

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