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Monday, May 6, 2013

Against Crony Capitalism -The gap between rich and poor will continue to grow until we give up on QE

Against Crony Capitalism - The gap between rich and poor will continue to grow until we give up on QE

Let me just say that this is an interesting read, but I do not believe that there is any cause and effect relationship between QE and the wealth gap. This is a gap that has been growing long before QE was a glimmer in Bernanke's eyes. 

American social decay has been going on since WW II and shows no signs of abatement. Look at the disgraceful conditions of their cities, physical infrastructures and superficial cultural Combined suggesting there is little hope in the context of its current frameworks and leadership anything will ever change. In fact even if they wanted to, there is no more pie to pass around and share as humanity is past "peak everything" . 

How really dumb is the situation? Well America continues to encourage more immigration that creates larger ghettos of poor folks, knowing full well the resources needed to feed these tens of millions more; just won't be there in ten years or so. But the Rich do enjoy interim benefits. So, expect a class war leading to a possible reconfiguration of the states into sovereign regional governments - this is starting to look more plausible as the gap between rich and poor grows. Also when you think about Texas's lone star ambitions.

Historically, feeding cake crumbs does not stop the barbarians at the gates. Storms are beyond control when the wealth gap is too big, for too long. Winds of revolution are stirring.

Dr Peter G Kinesa

May  16, 2013 

When will they storm the Bastille?

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