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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paul Krugman - Currency War Confusions

Paul Krugman - Currency War Confusion  OR Just the Same Old BS
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The New York Times, February 15, 2013 

Why do I state over and over again that all the leading economist just don't get it? In fact, they are all wrong? Take this declaration, phrased as a question by Paul Krugman in his OP/ED, and you will understand why I remain appalled at how these leading experts show a lack of foresight or understanding of the human predicament. The blatant discounting of the laws of physics and exponential mathematics drives one to frustration. And I could go on and on and on...

Enough weeping, here it is:

"Expansionary policy is what the world needs, so why is this a bad thing?"

Because it is the last thing the world needs. The world does not need to use its scarce non-renewable resources more rapidly. The world does not need to grow its population and feed more hungry mouths. The world does not need to add further pollutants into the fragile bio-sphere.The world does need, as a result, to pollute and use its fresh water supplies and contract the long-term capacity of its agricultural lands - lands needed to feed those expanding populations. In short Paul, the last thing the world needs is an expansionary policy because it is a very bad thing that accelerates humanity's march towards a premature extinction.

Of course all of these things are just caused by the constraints created  by physics, biology, mathematics -  those technical concerns. They cannot be negotiated, legislated or dreamed away, so why should the contraints of these constructs have anything to do with economics? Gets me! 

To tell everyone a personal secret - I spend many late restless nights in bed wondering two things; one, do these so-called experts really not understand the inter-face and integration that exists with the constraints of science, logic and mathematics, and their resultant consequences? Or two; if they do, do they have any guilt or human remorse about  promoting and writing all their outdated "Bullshit" that leads humanity into the insane abyss of self-destruction. I wonder.

Again, just telling it like is.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
February 16, 2013

"From Madison Square Gardens, in NewYork, this is Peter Kinesa telling it..."

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