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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Finance Lounge: Investing in emerging markets

The Finance Lounge: Investing in emerging markets:

Economic globalization has abolished trade and investment barriers, and has integrated global supply chains. In this context, emerging m...

What drugs are theses guys on? Sure in the short term there are  some perceived benefits regarding globalization.  But, the operative word is perceived, and perceptions are not realities. For in reality there are few; if any, benefits from global trade and investing, save for the exchange of ideas that may be localized within a regional economy.

Why few? Briefly all globalization has allowed us to do is essentially move the rest of the world closer to an assimilation of the Western industrial-consumer complex. That is not good by any means. Because it is a complex that accelerates climate chaos, resource exhaustion, bio-sphere destruction, over population and social unrest. Ingredients of extinction.

Thus, globalization acts to ensure the more rapid extinction of the human species from this planet. What idiot really thinks it was a good idea? Who? O'Really?

Dr Peter G Kinesa
January 14, 2013

There are too many villages missing their... well, you know?   

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