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Friday, January 11, 2013

INVESTORS' INSIGHTS .... Marc Faber : The US Dollar is a very very Sick Currency

INVESTORS' INSIGHTS - January 11, 2013

All my friends wonder why I own a rabbit farm and hat factory back at home in Poland.. I tell them that it is the best insurance that money can buy. Have a great weekend and we will see you Monday.

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Dr Pet er G Kinesa
January 11,2013

Marc Faber : The US Dollar is a very very Sick Currency

Marc is still a master of understatements as the greenback is approaching the terminal stage - that's not good for anyone on the planet. It is also highly unlikely that any abstractionist voodoo by the FED can prevent this patient from flat-lining. The big short money is sure to be made on the long US bonds, as investors head for the gates, if rates are not increased relative to real risk. The salad days for the US are coming to an abrupt close.

And remember when interest rates rise it will also impact the cap factor on stocks, regardless of earnings, setting the stage for carnage in equities as well.

Watch the video here. Peter we believe is right this time; the Canadian dollar and assets are good safe harbours under these conditions. Expect all precious metals to spike under a dollar collapse, as it will simply take more dollars to buy all these commodities. And even oil prices should be affected.

Meaning too, that inflation should begin to rear its ugly head sending the economy back into a tailspin.

Specific stocks to watch out for, will be Apple, Goldman Sachs ,AIG and all the Big US banks, when the lid pops off this pressure cooker.

Can anyone pull a rabbit out of the hat? Unlikely, this time

Enjoy your weekend - and  Monday morning coffee!

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January 11, 2012 
4.00 pm EST

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