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Friday, April 15, 2016

80% of Coral Reefs Lost to Bleaching

The reef, pre-bleaching event, bustles with life and color.

The Largest Coral Atoll In The World Lost 80 Percent Of Its Coral To Bleaching

As global ocean temperatures begin to recover from the record-breaking El Niño, the tremendous impact on the world’s coral reefs is still being calculated.
Coral reefs are more important than many people realize: Taking up just 0.2 percent of the ocean, they support about a quarter of all marine species, and provide support to livelihoods of 500 million people. But beyond that, a healthy reef is stunningly beautiful. They’re part of what makes life on Earth so special.
During an El Niño event, corals can “bleach” — abnormally hot water makes their symbiotic bacteria emit toxins, and the coral polyps, which are tiny animals, expel them reflexively. Since healthy bacteria provide food to the corals, without them, the corals can starve to death.
When that happens, reefs that have grown up over centuries can die in a matter of weeks.


Naomi Klein Explains Why Clinton's "Corporate Worldview" Cannot Be Ignored

Hillary Clinton's historically "pro-corporate ideology" shows she does not have the willingness to take on "fossil fuel companies and the banks that finance them." She is "uniquely unsuited" to the task of stopping climate change that "requires a willingness to go head-to-head with the two most powerful industries on the planet."

Big Oil's $500 Million Annual Climate Obstructionism

'While the world came together in Paris to embrace climate action in 2015, Exxon was doubling down with Big Tobacco tactics and obstruction'

Iraq’s Artefacts of Exile

In the initial aftermath of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, looters swept through the National Museum in Baghdad and carted off 15,000 items of incalculable value. Some of these items were destroyed in the attempt to spirit them away. Some disappeared into the vortex of the underground art market. Only half of the items were eventually recovered.

Goldman Sachs to pay

 $5 billion in U.S.

 Justice Dept mortgage

 bond pact

Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) has agreed to pay $5.06 billion to settle claims that it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Monday.
The settlement, which Goldman disclosed in January, stems from the firm's conduct in packaging, securitization, marketing and sale of residential mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007, the Justice Department said.
Investors suffered billions of dollars in losses from the securities bought during the period, the department said.
The settlement comprises a $2.385 billion civil penalty and $1.8 billion in other relief, including funds for homeowners whose mortgages exceed the value of their property, as well as distressed borrowers. It also preserves the government's ability to bring criminal charges against Goldman and does not release any individuals from potential criminal or civil liability, the Justice Department said.

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