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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More #Climate Floods Shock Balkans - Thousands Flee!

Thousands flee, 25 die in record Balkan floods

By JOVANA GEC and ALMIR ALIC, with additional reporting by Aida Cerkez and Sabina Niksic from Sarajevo, Bosnia; Irena Knezevic in Banja Luka, Bosnia; and Marko Drobnjakovic in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia

MAGLAJ, Bosnia (AP) – Packed into buses, boats and helicopters, carrying nothing but a handful of belongings, tens of thousands fled their homes Saturday in Bosnia and Serbia, seeking to escape the worst flooding in a century.

A flooded restaurant with a picture of Poseidon - 'God of the Sea' by the bank of the Sava river in Sremska Mitrovica, 90 kilometers west of Belgrade, Serbia, Saturday, 17 May 2014. Record flooding in the Balkans leaves at least 20 people dead in Serbia and Bosnia and is forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes. Three months' worth of rain has fallen on the region in just three days, and meteorologists say the flooding is the worst since records began 120 years ago. Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP PhotoAuthorities said 20 people have died but warned the death toll could rise further.
Three months' worth of rain has fallen on the region in just three days, creating floods that meteorologists say are the worst since records began 120 years ago.
Observed from the air, almost a third of Bosnia, mostly its northeast corner, resembled a huge muddy lake, with houses, roads and rail lines submerged under water. Admir Malagic, a spokesman for Bosnia's Security Ministry, said about a million people, or over a quarter of the country's population, live in the affected area. 

APTOPIX Serbia FloodsSurging water reached up to the second floors of homes at times, sweeping away traffic lights and signs as it coursed through villages and towns in the two neighboring countries. Roads were blocked and metal bridges crumbled at the onslaught. 

Balkans Floods
In the eastern Bosnian town of Bijeljina, some 10,000 people were being evacuated Saturday after the rain-swollen Sava River pushed through flood defenses.

"We need everything, we are underwater," mayor Mico Micic said as he appealed for help. 

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Balkan Flood Havoc and Devastation

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