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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#BBC Acidic Oceans = Is Life on Venus Possible?

BBC News 
Acidic Oceans

Worst in 300 Million Years? 

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What is the greatest fear of all the threats that could shorten our existence on this planet - Acidic Oceans

Life began there and it is pervasive to the existence of all life support systems on the planet. Without it - our planet would become the same as Venus or Mars, having toxic atmospheres that cannot sustain any form of living creature on its surface.

The Oceans and Atmosphere are in a delicate marriage that depends on a balanced relationship amoung all their complex elements, loops and feedback systems. Should positive feedbacks of acidification begin to escalate in an exponential manner, then both the atmosphere and all forms of life are in a heap of trouble. All you have to imagine are the Oceans becoming massive acidic chemical pools covering seventy-five percent of the planet's surface. It is then easy to picture the devastating implications.

As the BBC article points out, there is growing evidence that changes are now occurring more rapidly than ever. Our concerns are many: Who is monitoring the changes? How accurate are the measures? What are the trends, and how do they forecast out? When do we reach the point of no return? Can the acidification be reversed? And many more.

Too many questions to answer - Right? But, without clear substantive answers we are all operating in the dark as to the possibility of a highly accelerated Ocean acidification occurring at virtually overnight exponential rates.

And you think the economy is a problem? Hmm. 

Dr Peter G Kinesa
November 19, 2013

Life on Venus? 

Great barrier reef

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