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Monday, September 9, 2013

#Fukushima LEAKS - #BBC News: Japan to Build ICE WALL?

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Graphic: How an 'ice wall' could work

Real Plans - Not Kidding!

As promised, we are just going to keep an eye on this story, as what happens here could have serious economic implications on a already struggling Japanese economy. And when things get real desperate how ridiculous could things get? Well, can you believe that Japan is seriously starting to look at an ice wall as the first line of defense against the radioactive leaks -that are actually getting worse according to this BBC article.That is sure to have every one running back for more Sushi next week.

Anyway we could not help but come up with a few more engineering solutions to resolve this problem:

1) Build a Giant Water Vacuum - Suck up all the radioactive water; bottle it in containers that you sink in the ocean near underpopulated areas. Hoover systems have preliminary drawings underway. 

2) Construct a Floating Island - Move Fukushima on to the specially-designed floating island and then have it towed into the middle of the ocean somewhere safe. Wrap it up in a radioactive-protective-plastic suit cover, and then sink it. Italian engineers are apparently drafting this brainwave.

3) Install Intergalactic Anti-gravity Barge - This barge is placed under the whole Fukushima reactor site then transported into space where it is jettisoned  in a way so not to return back to earth. We hope! Our friends at NASA say they have a  prototype, built for Detroit, available for testing. 

While we had our comedy team come up with these zany hair-brained ideas  -  who knows, maybe one these programs will trigger a thought that moves them towards an effective engineering solution? Oh yeah, we forgot to mention another bright idea we had  - Build Ice Walls!  

Dr Peter G Kinesa
September 9, 2013

Top Secret Intergalactic Barge 
" Space Disposal XZ239L2"



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