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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where Have All the Fish GONE?

Where Have All the Fish GONE?

State of the world's fishery stocks, 1974 and 2009. Graphic: FAO, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

Can you believe it? Not only are we running out of oil and many other non-renewable resources, but soon; it seems, we will also be runnung out of fish. This is much more than a staple, as fish has provided many dietary essentials, including protein, to places food alternatives are in short supply  So if you have some free time this weekend, you may want to do a quick read of the FAO report (linked above) which also covers many other foodstocks.

Recreational fishing may be a thing of the past in a few short decades or years, however the bigger concern is that populations continue to grow, while fish are dwindling in supply. Albeit there are some positive signs that with proper management some stocks have improved.  Nonetheless it is something else to think about.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
July 12, 2013 

WHAT! You mean they ate them ALL??? 


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