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'Warned 2000 tech slide; predicted 2008 meltdown in 2007. Forecasted 2020 global economic collapse in 2011, AND NOW- BY 2050 - THE MOTHER OF ALL CRASHES"

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finance Documentaries: Super Rich: The Greed Game

Finance Documentaries: Super Rich: The Greed Game: The luxurious lifestyle of those at the top of the world of finance inspires awe, disgust, and ambition. With the mind boggling salaries of ...

Here's an inside view of the game being played by the Masters of Abstractions, causing untold resources and activities to be diverted away from the real and physical economy. They are paper shufflers.
And the game created for personal gain, is an infinite positive sum game based on abstracts.

Whereas, the real physical game is a negative sum finite algebra. There is a growing imbalance between these two game theories - when breached will cause an unprecedented catastrophe. Such events lead to further geo-political instabilities - and there are few, if any, who know where that will lead.  

Our guess is the outcomes may exceed the darkest of predictions to date. Such are the ultimate consequences of greed.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
December 11, 2012

The Graphic Despair of Imbalance

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