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Monday, April 22, 2019

Trends: #ECVs Report Little Progress Over 10 Years

 "Overall it appears that while a good number of the entities that sought to begin the transition of commercial vehicles from purely liquid or gas fueled options, to hybrid electric or pure electric have failed, there are some that have survived and are still supplying solutions today"


Electric Commercial Vehicles, a ten year update – Part 1

Just over ten years ago on April 9, 2009 the original article “Electric Commercial Vehicles” was posted at The Oil Drum web site. The article was prompted by an exchange in the discussions following a “Drumbeat” post about nine months earlier in which I had rattled off a series of links to articles from the web site that were specifically about electric or hybrid commercial vehicles of one kind or another. I should note that is the one of the first places I saw the term “Peak Oil” and when I saw the term more than once I decided to do look it up, which eventually led me to As they say, the rest is history.

In this post, I have looked back at what has happened to the companies and products featured in that article and will elaborate on what I found. I will attempt to discuss as many of the companies and products mention in the article as possible. If you visit the original 2009 article, all the pictures are now missing since links to external images were used rather than images hosted at I am somewhat surprised that I was able to find many of the pictures that I used in the 2009 article and will be using them in this article as much as possible. The first picture below was the lead picture for the 2009 article.

 Related image

Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicles are a class of electrified vehicles that use only electric motors for motive power and rely on batteries for the electricity to power their motors. BEVs carry no fuels on board except in the case of those which may use fuels for heating but, there are no internal combustion engines of any kind built into the vehicle.



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