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Thursday, March 28, 2019

#Venezuela Emergency Also Ecological #Crisis

"Water is not being properly purified or pumped; garbage piles up in the streets; power outages are random and frequent. The mega-blackout was just the most recent injury added to years of insult. Many fear worse to come."

  • Venezuela, once a shining star of economic prosperity in Latin America, continues its plummet into chaos — a cauldron of human suffering in which the environment is also a victim.
  • This month’s nationwide blackout, according to eyewitness accounts, saw courageous Venezuelans coming together to help each other as their government failed to respond effectively. It was the nation’s most recent crisis, though likely not its last.

  • News reports from inside the country remain sketchy. But with the lights back on, his Internet connection restored, Venezuelan contributor Jeanfreddy GutiĆ©rrez Torres offers Mongabay readers an exclusive firsthand account of Venezuela’s days of darkness.

On the fifth day of the longest nationwide electrical blackout in Venezuelan history, an estimated 20 million people were without water because the public infrastructure had stopped working.



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