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Friday, June 17, 2016

Canadian Forests Provide Hope In Climate Chaos


Canadian forests a refuge as warming creeps north

Study says higher rainfall will help some trees survive
In the Canadian province of Quebec, a study of more than 26,000 trees across an area the size of Spain forecasts potential winners and losers in a changing climate.
The study, published today in the journal Science, shows that boreal forests in far-northern latitudes may one day act as a climate refuge for black spruce, the foundational tree for the northwoods ecosystem - a major source of the world's paper; home to caribou, snowshoe hare, lynx, and sable; and nesting site for dozens of migratory bird species.
"During this century, the northwoods will experience some of the Earth's largest increases in temperature," says Loïc D'Orangeville, postdoctoral researcher at Université du Québec à Montréal and Indiana University, who led the collaboration of scientists from six institutions in the U.S. and Canada.
Northern boreal forests are a crucial part of the global climate puzzle, comprising nearly 30 percent of the Earth's forested area and storing at least 20 percent of its carbon. The study's tree ring analysis revealed these forests' sensitivity to changes in temperature and precipitation.

The Boiling Pot

Politics reflects the pressure cooker that American society has become. Bernie Sanders is giving voice to popular anger at increasing economic inequality, and at Wall Street’s immunity. Donald Trump is a megaphone for the blind fury of the wage class at its ongoing destruction by globalization and immigration. Hillary Clinton, the consummate establishment politician, pretends to criticise the globalized governmental megamachine she has supported for decades.

FBI probe into Clinton a 'criminal investigation' on the same day Obama endorses her

Barack Obama's spokesman described the FBI's probe into Hillary Clinton's classified email scandal as a 'criminal investigation' less than an hour after the president endorsed her to succeed him.

The Money Cult 

Are there any unintended consequences of negative interest rates? They destroy money. They are Mammon’s Götterdämmerung. The money cult is bolstered by the idea that its huge and all-powerful deity will be even more huge and all-powerful tomorrow; if the opposite were demonstrably the case, then people’s faith in it begins to falter and fade

George Soros Is Preparing For Economic Collapse – Does He Know Something That You Don’t? 

Why is George Soros selling stocks, buying gold and making “a series of big, bearish investments”? if a major financial crisis is imminent, he stands to make obscene returns.  

Rolls-Royce unveils its first driverless car

Carmaker says ‘vision vehicle’ offers glimpse into future of luxury transport

The Rolls-Royce 'vision vehicle' marks a different direction for a super-luxury marque

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars on Thursday unveiled its first driverless car, with a “vision vehicle” it hopes will cast a glimpse into the future of luxury transport.
With no steering wheel, a door on one side only and a virtual assistant that can book hotels or advise on your wardrobe selection, the car marks a different direction for a super-luxury marque.
Several carmakers have revealed plans for self-driving vehicles. But Rolls-Royce said its customers, who pay as much as £1m for a bespoke, hand-built model, will still demand a luxurious riding experience in an era where everyone will be chauffeured by robots.
“In 25 years from now, when you see commoditised bubbles as cars, there will be our customers who are used to sitting in something that is luxury,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, chief executive of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.
The design, over a year in the making, is a rejection of “utilitarian and bland future modes of mobility”, he added.

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