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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Historic Wildfires Siege 70,000 Fort McMurray Residents

When u were supposed to be with ur family in Fort Mac this week but now everyone is officially under mandatory evacuation .. so scary😶

nadia ‎@nadiakaurr

Fort McMurray Fire: 

 'It's Apocalyptic. 

No Way Out But North'

The entire city of Fort McMurray, the heart of the oil sands industry in the northern part of the province, was facing an evacuation order Tuesday night as a raging wildfire forced tens of thousands of people from their homes.
"It's apocalyptic," said John O'Connor, a family physician who has treated patients with health problems in the region related to oil sands pollution.
He said there was no way out but north.
"The place looks like it's all going," O'Connor said.
Anyone breathing the ash-filled air would be facing serious health risks, he added.

Greenland ice sheet melting has started early

In a year of startling data pointing to a warming world, the spike in the chart below of Greenland's ice melt was initially dismissed as just too outlandish to be accurate. Temperature anomalies show nearly the whole sheet at least 4°C above normal 

Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS

Having removed the reformist President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Washington is now disposing of the reformist President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. It is no different from “Iranian nukes,” Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s “use of chemical weapons,” or in Rousseff’s case merely insinuations.

Confessions of a Panama hitman

Today two and a half billion people live below the poverty level, on less than $2 a day, seven out of 10 people live in countries where inequality is greater than it was 30 years ago, less than 5% of the world’s population lives in the US but consumes 25% of the world’s resources, and less than 1% of those 5% dictate US policies, as well as those of most other countries. Some refer to this system as a Death Economy because it is based on debt, fear, militarization, and the extraction of the resources that support it. Because it is consuming itself into extinction.

One Chart Says It All

People sense the 'recovery" is bogus, and their rational response is to save more money rather than squander it.

Sometimes one chart captures the fundamental reality of the economy: for example, this chart of money velocity and the civilian-population ratio. 

When the blue line is up, more of the population has a job. (the blue line is the Employment-Population ratio.)f
The red line is money velocity, the rate at which money changes hands. (Money buried in the coffee can in the back yard has a money velocity of zero.)
As Joseph noted, the correlation between the percentage of people working and money velocity was strong until 2010. In the post-2009 recession "recovery," the percentage of the populace with jobs rose modestly, but money velocity absolutely cratered to unprecedented lows.

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