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Friday, April 8, 2016

Harvard Study: Now Methane Causes Worse Impact on Climate



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That’s why last month’s Harvard study came as such a shock. It used satellite data from across the country over a span of more than a decade to demonstrate that US methane emissions had spiked 30 percent since 2002. The EPA had been insisting throughout that period that methane emissions were actually falling, but it was clearly wrong—on a massive scale. In fact, emissions “are substantially higher than we’ve understood,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted in early March.


Global Warming’s Terrifying 

New Chemistry

Our leaders thought fracking would save our climate. They were wrong. Very wrong.

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Global warming is, in the end, not about the noisy political battles here on the planet’s surface. It actually happens in constant, silent interactions in the atmosphere, where the molecular structure of certain gases traps heat that would otherwise radiate back out to space. If you get the chemistry wrong, it doesn’t matter how many landmark climate agreements you sign or how many speeches you give. And it appears the United States may have gotten the chemistry wrong. Really wrong.   

There’s one greenhouse gas everyone knows about: carbon dioxide, which is what you get when you burn fossil fuels. We talk about a “price on carbon” or argue about a carbon tax; our leaders boast about modest “carbon reductions.” But in the last few weeks, CO2’s nasty little brother has gotten some serious press. Meet methane, otherwise known as CH4.

The EU refugee deal is a disaster for Greece. 

Take a Country on the Brink. Now Add 10,000 Asylum Hearings a Week. Cargo containers used as courthouses. Camps flooded with sewage. A government on the verge of collapse. 

Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails 

Critics have long questioned why violent intervention was necessary. Hillary’s recently published emails confirm it was less about protecting the people from a dictator than about money, banking, and preventing African economic sovereignty.

India’s plan to build 12 new nuclear reactors is fraught with risk

Investing in new solar photovoltaic capacity would be a much lower-cost option, would be significantly less harmful to the environmental, and would be a far more sustainable alternative to Mithi Virdi and Kovvada.

Guam Coral Reefs  

Coral reefs around the world are increasingly under threat from coral bleaching which destroys colonies and interrupts the food chain they support. Scientists at the University of Guam Marine Laboratory are using a new genetic sequencer to search for the biological mechanisms that allow some colonies to survive and thrive while others die. 

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