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Monday, April 4, 2016

Coastal Cities Maybe Unsavable

My Kinda Town, Chicago is...

For a “worse-case scenario,” NASA scientist Eric Rignot directs us to the study he coauthored with James Hansen and others. That study posits 10 feet of sea level rise by 2100 is possible. But, again, it doesn’t provide a physical mechanism for how that much ice-melt could occur that fast, so some scientists tend to view it as unrealistic.
The bottom line is that we now know that if we don’t quickly redouble our current efforts to slash carbon pollution, we are risking rates of sea level rise that are catastrophic and beyond adaptation.

Study Confirms World’s Coastal Cities Unsavable If We Don’t Slash Carbon Pollution

A new study confirms what leading climate scientists have warned about for many years now: Only very aggressive climate action can save the world’s coastal cities from inundation by century’s end.
We still could limit sea level rise to two feet this century if we keep total warming below 2°C, according to analysis using these new findings. Otherwise, we should be anticipating five to six feet of sea level rise by 2100 — which would generate hundreds of millions of refugees. That isn’t even the worst-case scenario.
This latest research from the journal Nature underscores that what the nation and the world do in the next decade or two will determine whether or not cities like Miami, Boston, New York, or New Orleans have any plausible chance to survive by 2100.
The study, “Contribution of Antarctica to past and future sea-level rise,” analyzes “new processes in the 3-dimensional ice sheet model.” It makes use of mechanisms involving the impact of warming oceans on the unstable Antarctic ice sheet “that were previously known but never incorporated in a model like this before.” It then tests its findings “against past episodes of high sea-levels and ice retreat.”

The Whole World Is Watching Brazil’s Hollow Men

The crisis in Brazil is not about corruption, but the overthrow of a democratically elected government.

Can Macri save the Argentine economy

When you have read Naomi Klien's "Shock Doctrine" you will see how Argentine is being set up by the IMF for asset stripping, no protection for local labour or industry, and open borders for international capital to play whatever games please them. The largest conglomerates will walk away with the pickings, the surveillance industry will snoop on everybody, and any objection will be handled by international private contractors.

Venezuela Faces Outside Threats

Another government being destabilised in the interests of US hegemony. What is the possibility that when the IMF ramps up the pain the Russo-Chinese banks will step in? 

Coal plants use enough water to supply 1 bn people: Greenpeace

Coal plants are draining an already dwindling global water

 supply, Greenpeace warned on Tuesday, consuming enough 

to meet the basic needs of one billion people and deepening a

 worldwide crisis. Announcing its first global plant-by-plant

 study, Greenpeace said coal power use will increase with

 newly built plants, causing "huge stress" on the world's 

major river basins and threatening ...

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