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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brewing SUPER EL NINO Brings SUPER Weather Extremes, & More

The strongest El Niño on record may be brewing in the Pacific

El Niño conditions are intensifying in the tropical Pacific Ocean, potentially leading to a record event that would help control rainfall in East Africa and possibly bring desperately needed drought relief to California, while temporarily cutting off rainfall to parts of the Indonesian rainforest.
Sstanomthumb2A record strong event would also virtually guarantee that 2015 will beat 2014 as the warmest year this planet has seen since records began in the late 19th century.
In recent weeks, the water temperatures have grown warmer, propelled by a reversal of seasonal trade winds and the sloshing of mild ocean waters from west to east across the Pacific.

Reuters / Morteza Nikoubazl Iran is building up its air defense systems and particularly the ability to detect enemy aircraft as the US and Israel maintain that they could use military force to prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear capability.

The bunker-busting bombs are America's most destructive munitions short of atomic weapons. At 15 tons, each is 5 tons heavier than any other bomb in the US arsenal.

The 'Talisman Saber' exercises will last two weeks, with 30,000 US and Australian troops taking part

Other primary factors of wildlife decline are global warming, invasive species, pollution and disease [AP]About 20 percent of Australia's unique mammals are threatened with extinction, along with 12 percent of its birds.

No wonder resistance is growing when 80% of drug use is on the farm. 

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