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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#SDSU Scientists Track Global Warming In Ice Patterns

SDSU Scientists Analyze Half-Mile Slice 

of West Antarctica Ice Core

Photo Largest Ice Cube Expedition Ever Captured By Secret Chinese Satellite

SDSU scientists analyzed a half-mile slice of Western Antarctica ice core to help determine that climate change begins in the Arctic and moves southward, according to chemistry professor Jihong Cole-Dai of the SDSU Ice Core and Environmental Chemistry Lab.

Since 2006, the SDSU research team have been part of a National Science Foundation project to uncover the secrets within an ice core dating 68,000 years. Researchers from more than 20 university and national laboratories helped retrieve and analyze more than 2 miles of ice core from the Western Antarctica Ice Sheet Divide. The drilling was completed in 2012. Read More.

Now They Even Know Where Ice-Cubes Are Made? 

Dr. Kinesa's - Global Edge

Fears grow daily in China that they will soon face a shortage. These are great top-secret pictures from the Chinese spy satellite of the world's largest ice cube expedition. 

Perhaps everyone should spare all the fuss and costs by providing a diplomatic envoy with a copy of the recipe that Beijing apparently lost. 

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May 19, 2015

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