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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Believe Me #Coal Does Not Affect Climate?

Coal industry lobby won’t admit to role in climate change

By Lee Fang
(Republic Report) – Does burning coal, one of the most carbon-intensive fuel sources on the planet, contribute to climate change? 

That simple question stumped the industry’s most prominent advocate, Robert 

Coal industry lobby won't admit to role in climate change“Mike” Duncan, at a Colorado mining conference last week. Asked twice by Republic Report, Duncan first said that a “lot of people believe” that coal causes climate change, before replying, “I’m not answering your question.”

Duncan, the president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), gave a talk to a room filled with mining industry executives about the dangers of new EPA rules concerning greenhouse emissions. ACCCE, which represents the largest coal companies in the nation, has pushed back against the administration’s coal power plant rules.

In an interview with E&E TV in January, Duncan said that instead of the EPA rules, his industry could take a gradual approach to reducing emissions with carbon capture sequestration, which he claimed can “make coal even cleaner. 

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