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Friday, August 23, 2019

What's The #Worst Case End-Game For The #ClimateCrisis?

In climate science there has been a tension between the drive towards consensus to support policy making versus exploratory speculation and research that pushes forward the knowledge frontier 

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Climate Change: What’s the Worst Case?

By Judith Curry

My new manuscript is now available.
A link to my new paper ‘Climate Change: What’s the Worst Case?’ is provided here [worst case paper final (1)]
A few words on the intended audience and motivation for writing this:
First and foremost, this is written for the clients of Climate Forecast Applications Network who are interested in scenarios of future climate change [link]
Second, this paper is written as a contribution to my series of academic papers on the topic of uncertainty in climate science:
Third, the paper is written to inform the public debate on climate change and policy makers.  I am ever hopeful that some sanity can be interjected into all this.
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