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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Australian #Wildlife Facing Record #Extinctions

"Fauna crisis highlights the failure of regional forest agreements, says Wilderness Society"

The leadbeater’s possum The leadbeater’s possum is among 20 mammal species that could become extinct within 20 years. Photograph: Healesville Sanctuary

Record numbers of Australia's wildlife species face 'imminent extinction'

Regional forest agreements have failed in the 20 years since they were established by state governments, says a new report, which reveals that record numbers of threatened forest dwelling fauna and many species are heading towards imminent extinction.
The report, Abandoned – Australia’s forest wildlife in crisis, has assessed the conservation status of federally listed forest-dwelling vertebrate fauna species affected by logging and associated roading and burning across Australia’s regional forest agreement (RFA) regions in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Image result for australia wildlife extinction charts
Released by the Wilderness Society this week, the report identified 48 federally-listed threatened species of forest-dwelling vertebrate fauna living in areas subject to state-run logging operations.



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