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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Venezuela: A Microcosm Of Imminent Food Crisis And Unrest Worldwide

Venezuelans flock to Colombia for food

Thousands of people have crossed to Colombia after Venezuela opened their common border to allow its people to buy food and medicine, officials say.
The frontier, closed by Venezuela last August as part of a crime crackdown, was to open for 12 hours.
In this 1 June 2016 photo, police stand guard by customers waiting their turn outside a supermarket to buy price-regulated groceries in the Petare shantytown in Caracas, Venezuela. Government officials blame the country's food shortage on right-wing business owners hoarding products to sow chaos, while their detractors say it's the result of chronic economic mismanagement. Some are turning to urban farming to get vegetables, an unaffordable luxury for many, back into their diets. Photo: Fernando Llano / AP PhotoVenezuela is going through a deep economic crisis and many say they struggle to feed their families.
Last week, about 500 Venezuelan women broke through the border controls in search of food.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the border closure because, he said, the area had been infiltrated by Colombian paramilitaries and gangs.
The measure also prevents subsidised goods from being smuggled from Venezuela into Colombia.
Some 16,000 people had crossed the border between San Antonio del Tachira, in Venezuela, and Cucuta, in Colombia, an official told the BBC's Natalio Cosoy, in Cucuta.
People buy food and other staple goods inside a supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela, 30 June 2016. Photo: Mariana Bazo / ReutersSupermarkets were crowded with Venezuelans buying basic goods such as rice, oil and flour, which are expensive in their country because of the shortages, our correspondent added.
An unnamed woman who crossed with her husband and two young children told the Efe news agency it was "unfair" to keep the border closed.
"We are from San Antonio, and the reality is that we do not have any food to give to our children."
Venezuelan national guardsmen monitor a crowd at a state-run grocery store in Caracas. Photo: Jorge Silva / ReutersVenezuelans who want to cross into Colombia in states where the border has been closed need a special permit to do so.
But as the scarcity of food gets worse in Venezuela, many have crossed the porous border illegally.

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UK:  An Israeli Puppet Within The EU

The Jewish State: “has lost a significant asset in the European Union…, Britain leaving would not serve Israeli interests, especially on the Palestinian issue.”  But why was Britain an Israeli asset? How was Britain reduced to act as an Israeli colony? Simple. British foreign affairs are dominated by the Jewish Lobby. 

In One Stunning Tantrum, Andrew Bolt Has Summed Up Everything Wrong With The Extreme Right 

Malcolm Turnbull has junked core liberal ideas, he trashed the branch membership, he treated them like dirt, he slugged them with a big super tax, he held the iftar dinner, he promoted global warming, same sex marriage….”

How Israel Succeeds in Watering Down Criticism From Major Powers

 Hillary Clinton: Lies, Misdemeanors, Felonies, and Treason

It is hard to imagine how one person could do so much wrong and never once be charged with a crime. Even worse she was elected to the U.S. Senate, was nominated to be Secretary of State and confirmed to be Secretary of State by the U.S. Senate. Now she is about to be “anointed” the President of the United States of America by the Democratic National Committee and Obama in spite of the fact that she is the subject of two FBI criminal investigations. 


Who’s Buying It?


With the market breaking out to all-time highs, the media has started to once again reach for their party hats as headlines suggest clear sailing for investors ahead.
While I certainly do not disagree the breakout is indeed bullish, and signals a continuation of the long-term bullish trend, there are more than sufficient reasons to remain somewhat cautious. Earnings are still weak, there is little evidence of economic resurgence and inflationary pressures globally remain nascent.  But, for now, a rash of global Central Banks continue to support asset prices by increasing accommodative policies either through additional reductions in interest rates or direct injections of liquidity. As Matt King from Citi recently noted:
“It has been a surge in net global central bank asset purchases to their highest level since 2013.”
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