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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"Where Have All the Bees Gone?"

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Nation’s Beekeepers Lost 44 Percent of Bees in 2015-16

Israel close to signing gas agreement with Turkey

Turkey wants to consume half of the quantity of gas in the Leviathan gas reservoir, starting in 2020. In the second stage, gas may be transported from Turkey to Europe through a pipeline.

Terrorists Have Drones thanks to the US

86 countries have drones, 19 of them armed. Now ISIS wants them too. Is it too late to stop the unmanned arms race?

Fear This Man

To spies, David Vincenzetti is a salesman. To tyrants, he is a savior. How the Italian mogul built a hacking empire. The editor and co-founder of Mamfakinch, a pro-democracy website created in Morocco during the Arab Spring, Almiraat was one of his country’s most outspoken dissidents and someone accustomed to cryptic emails

‘Who Is This Guy?’ In Connected Political World, Few Know Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Senator Lamar Alexander has run in elite national political circles for decades, sought the presidency twice and served as governor of Tennessee, cabinet secretary and university president. He does not know Donald J. Trump.
“Never met him,” said Mr. Alexander, a Tennessee Republican now in his third term.
That disconnect helps explain the awkward courtship ritual transpiring between Republicans in Washington and their party’s presumed presidential nominee: Most of them have no real clue about the man other than what they have read, seen on cable news or absorbed from watching his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.”
“It is hard to trust someone until you know them,” Mr. Alexander noted. “And it is hard to know someone until you meet them.”
It is not just lawmakers. Top representatives of the K Street lobbying and strategic communications world say they are in the same boat.
The New York Times

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