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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Optimism Over Climate Change Progress Premature?

  Three Facts Debunking Climate Change  Progress  

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FACT We produce 110 million tons pollution every 24 hours
This heat is equivalent to dropping 400,000 Hiroshima bombs each day

FACT As heat is stored in the oceans average world humidity has risen 4%
Hence the storms, cyclones and unusual weather

FACT Climate change in Syria intensified the drought that turned 60% of the farmland into desert
and killed 80% of the livestock
and generated 1.5 million refugees


These are just a few of the possible facts out there that contradict Al Gore's assertions that we are somehow making progress. Have the icecaps stopped melting? Just saying we are reducing  carbon emissions should not give anyone comfort.  The state  and trends for all positive feedbacks loops needs to be identified  and monitored, otherwise we have no comprehensive idea as to what  state  the climate system is in along with the other integral biosphere systems that affect it.

Let's be real and remember too that Al Gore is also a long-term politician who by the ery nature of their roles often mislead, exaggerate and cloud the truth. Awareness of  these occupational hazards and habits alone speaks volumes , particularly as there is much  contrary evidence that the  comprehensive climate system is not improing.

We're just not buying  it!

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CENTCOM Commander Tells Congress: If Iraq's Mosul Dam Fails, 'It Will Be Catastrophic' - Defeating ISIS isn't the only concern of U.S. military commanders in Iraq. The failure of a large dam in the city of Mosul looms as a potential catastrophe, the head of U.S. Central Command told Congress on Tuesday.

"If the dam fails, it will be catastrophic," Gen. Lloyd Austin III told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "There will be thousands of people donwstream that will either be injured or killed, certainly displaced. And the damage could extend all the way down to -- close to Baghdad, or into Baghdad," which is more than 200 miles downstream.

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