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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Millions at Risk Should Mosul Dam Fail

"All you are doing with grouting is prolonging the life of the dam. There is no permanent solution except building another dam,”

“Nobody knows when it will fail,” official said. “It could be a year from now. It could be tomorrow.” 

Mosul  Dam  Engineers  Warn it  Could  Fail at  Any  Time,  Killing 1M  People

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Iraqi engineers involved in building the Mosul dam 30 years ago have warned that the risk of its imminent collapse and the consequent death toll could be even worse than reported.
They pointed out that pressure on the dam’s compromised structure was building up rapidly as winter snows melted and more water flowed into the reservoir, bringing it up to its maximum capacity, while the sluice gates normally used to relieve that pressure were jammed shut.
The Iraqi engineers also said the failure to replace machinery or assemble a full workforce more than a year after Islamic State temporarily held the dam means that the chasms in the porous rock under the dam were getting bigger and more dangerous every day.

Land-clearing surge in Queensland to wipe out Direct Action gains

In just three years the rate of clearing will create enough additional carbon dioxide emissions to cancel out emissions savings the government says it will make by paying farmers $670m to stop cutting down trees

The most fundamental problem modern Turkey is facing is the Kurdish question. 

When the modern Turkish state was created on the ashes of the Ottoman empire following defeat in WWI, it was seeking a new identity on which it could successfully establish itself.Turkey, just like some of its European counterparts, was however faced with the imperial heritage of diverse ethnic groups living on its newly established territory. 

King of Chaos

if Hillary Clinton was Queen of Chaos, Obama is surely King. If Iraq, Libya and Syria have been reduced to a chaotic state, Obama has a heavy responsibility for these developments.

Saudi Arabia Suffering From Oil Price Crash

The reserve assets held by the Saudi government now stands at $602 billion, nearly $150 billion down from their recent peak in late 2014, just before oil prices started plummeting.

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