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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Greenpeace: #India Global Pollution's Bad Boy?

India, China and all the rest are working towards Western-style living  that, of course, comes with terrible baggage and consequences  - pollution! Imagine if these countries, representing more than half the planet's population, created and consumed the same as Westerners do on a per capita basis? First, it is never going to happen, at least not for more than a year or two.

Secondly, with all the additional exponential pollution something is  going to break down in a big way, quickly  - Earth! 

It is thus crystal clear that the economic growth path we are on ends badly. Very badly!  

India Just Had Its Most Polluted Year, Greenpeace India Says

India just had its most polluted year on record, Greenpeace India says in a new report, for the first time pushing it above China in terms of the average amount of pollution its citizens were exposed to.
The non-governmental organization said it analysed particulate levels measured by satellites belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration using a method it said was the best way to compare pollution exposure.
The use of fossil fuels in India and China has driven a dramatic rise in pollution in the two countries since 2005, the report said.


Has maximum sea ice extent already been reached this year? 

heat is having a huge impact on the sea ice, with some areas (black) showing sea surface temperature anomalies above 8°C (or above 14.4°F).

Can Australian Catholicism Save Itself From Its Ultra-Conservative Forces? 

In attaching itself to power, Catholicism has become a lapel badge of the elite. But to appeal to its real constituents it needs to get back in touch with its core teachings.

Major trade deals are a serious threat to democracy and the environment

What the Commission calls barriers to trade are in fact the safeguards that keep toxic pesticides out of our food or dangerous pollutants out of the air we breathe. 

Meet the ‘rented white coats’ who defend toxic chemicals

How corporate-funded research is corrupting America’s courts and regulatory agencies

BELLEVUE, Ohio — At 2:15 in the morning, an insomniac corporate defense lawyer in San Francisco finished crafting a “revolutionary” scientific theory.
Now Evan Nelson of the law firm Tucker Ellis & West needed a scientist willing to publish it in a medical journal. If his theory were given scientific validity, Nelson could use it to win lawsuits.
Nelson defended companies that had exposed people to asbestos, a heat-resistant, fibrous mineral. Asbestos causes several deadly diseases, including mesothelioma, a rare cancer that often drowns the lungs in fluid. 

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