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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

US Wildfires 8 Million Plus Acres Tracking New Record, & More #News

Global Digest's Insights 

There is a headline out there that states the obvious " It's Global Warming Stupid! " However, what is not so self-evident is that these raging wildfires are setting historic paces  in many other places, such as;, Canada, Siberia, and even Africa, as the closing NASA based article here notes.

There are double perils in most places because these  wildfires lead to the use of precious fresh  water  that is also approaching a terrible critical decision point - stop fires or stop drinking?  Not good.

Also provided here are up-to-date facts - September 1, 2015 of all major wildfires currently being fought in the USA. And note that in just "one day" three new major fires were reported. This is a very bad joke, but  - "shouldn't someone be calling FEMA by now?"

Well, as Winston Churchill once wisely remarked  -  "a joke is a very serious thing."

September 1,  2015 

Wildfires Advancing To New US Record  

September 1, 2015

Nationally, three new large fires were reported. Firefighters contained three large fires including the Eldorado Fire in Oregon, Rapid Fire in Idaho and the Route Complex in California. Milder weather conditions will continue to help firefighters meet their suppression goals.
Northern Rockies resources:

  • 5 fire crews, 1 CL-415 scooper group from Ontario, Canada
  • 1 Convair 580 airtanker group from Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada
  • 58 fireline management personnel from Alberta and Ontario, Canada
Northwest resources:

  • 68 fireline management personnel from Australia and New Zealand
  • 200 soldiers from 17th Field Artillery Brigade based out of Fort Lewis
Four MAFFS C-130 Airtankers are assigned to McClellan Airfield in Sacramento, California and two MAFFS C-130 Airtankers are assigned to Channel Islands, California in support of wildland fire operations.

The Balkans is in the grips of an unprecedented surge in migration fueled by war in Syria and instability across the Middle East. More than 100,000 migrants have entered this year

Police say overnight fire at a converted sports hall intended to house refugees the result of arson.

A profound and significant change has just occurred in the Levant – the Russian army has begun to engage against terrorism in Syria more or less coordinated with the White House.

Following Scotland's lead, Germany becomes latest in EU to pursue opt-out clause in GMO rules

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite collected this natural-color image which detected dozens of fires burning in southwestern Africa on May 21, 2015. The location, widespread nature, and number of fires suggest that these fires were deliberately set to manage land. Farmers often use fire to return nutrients to the soil and to clear the ground of unwanted plants.

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