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Sunday, June 7, 2015

"REALECONOMIK" Existential #Insights Governing Physical Economics


Existential #Insights Governing Physical Economics

The childish fabricated theories of neoclassical economics, that have been driving humanity, economies and stock markets towards a collapse of Jericho's metaphoric proportions and finality, can perhaps be best understood when we bring the real governing ecological, geological and other related sciences to bear, These existential rules cannot be overcome by the silly rhetoric of current economic dogma,nor any of its possible abstract fabrications and outright lies, no matter how many Nobel Prizes, Phds and other laureates you bestow upon these  crazy mad men, who still head this truly - "MEDIEVAL CULT."

This video presentation by Charles S Hall, Ecologist - provides excellent insight into what our real circumstances are and the governing universal laws that we face  - who ultimately have the final say in all physical and related natural matters, regardless of our human hopes, beliefs or aspirations. These cognitions are all muted by this absolute context. At the same time, another absolute villain also joins with science, also paying little attention to any of  our rumblings, rantings - and particularly, those discourses of utter nonsense that were preached, "to so many, by so few," with impunity over the past 200 years. (Churchill?)

Exponential mathematics is, of course, the other known outlaw joining these evil scientific laws, who together in concert will permanently and finally push the pathetic rock of neoclassical hogwash over the proverbial cliff, forever. Sadly, but only after orchestrating and inflicting through its teachings,  practices and intellectual perversions, unimaginable crimes against the planet and its mostly innocent inhabitants.

Future intergalactic visitors shall certainly be amused by how we built so many statues with so few, if any, apparent natural resources. They shall  puzzle and wonder, just as the Portuguese explorers once did  - " who would cut down the last tree? "


June 7,2015

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