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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Californians Become World's Leading Water Thieves & More

drought-ravaged California

It’s not quite “Mad Max,” but Californians are resorting to water theft and police are playing catchup, as nearly half of the state suffers in the throes of an intense drought.

Proposed Rule for Big Trucks Aims at Cutting Fuel Emissions 
It will require truck manufacturers to increase their fuel efficiency by about a third, up from the current average of about six miles a gallon. The E.P.A. estimates the cost of improving vehicle fuel efficiency technology will cost $10,000 to $12,000 a vehicle for the largest trucks, and somewhat less for smaller trucks, but it estimates that those costs will be recouped by fuel savings in less than two years.

“I respect what the pope says about the need for action, but this is out of step with the thinking and the work of informed policy analysts around the world, who recognize that we can do more, faster, and better with the use of market-based policy instruments — carbon taxes and/or cap-and-trade systems,” Robert N. Stavins, the director of the environmental economics program at Harvard, said in an email.

The spike is largely the result of the fund’s downstream activity in Asia, where coal has gained some ground after years of high natural gas prices. In China and Japan, coal investments increased 32 percent and 21 percent respectively. In India, the fund withdrew from 13 coal companies, though it reinvested some $50 million dollars into Reliance Group – one of Asia’s biggest developers of coal-fired power. In all – and in these three countries – planned expansions in which the NGPFG holds shares amount to more than 160,000 megawatts of additional coal-fired capacity.

Climate change effects in the island nation of Kiribati. (Photo: United Nations Photo/Flickr)

The researchers identified the range of temperatures, water supply, and sunlight under which plants grow around the globe. They then calculated the number of days per year that would fall within these thresholds of suitable growing conditions under three climate change projections—one in which strong carbon emission mitigation strategies are adopted, another with moderate mitigation strategies, and a "business-as-usual" scenario in which emissions continue at the current rate through the end of the 21st century.

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