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Sunday, July 21, 2013

ACTS OF GOD...Climate Graphs

How 'skeptics' want you to see climate change. Be a realist. Look at the whole picture. Arctic sea ice extent; mass loss from glaciers; prehistoric global temperature changes; surface temperature rise; sea level rise; ocean heat content. Graphic: Climate Nexus

These graphs at the very least are disturbing - at worst, they paint a dismal picture of the prospects for the human condition and related species in the years ahead. Can we say that they reflect a direct relationship to our industrialization, pollution, unbridled growth policies and overpopulation of the planet in the last 250 year? No we don't believe that the evidence can distinguish between acts of man or God. The planet does go through swings in climate as evidenced by geological and other forms of scientific evidence - so we may argue that this is just the normal cycles of nature playing havoc with the grand designs of human policy and activity. 

On the other hand, there are just too many correlations that lead one to believe that nature is not just acting on its own accord. We probably have something to do with the trends. Trends that need to be counter acted in some way, before it's too late, regardless of weather (sic) they result from acts of man or God or both. In any case, it will require the acts of man to stabilize or reverse these trends, otherwise the circumstances of the planet will not support the life forms of its current inhabitants. 

We fear however, that the line to buy the inconvenient truths will remain short, as it fights with the inertia of years of economic growth, devolpment and a supporting cast of fairy tales. So be it!

Dr Peter G Kinesa
July 20, 2013

MAN, GOD, or ...

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