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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Third Of All #Species Face #Extinction

Latest list shows extinction now threatens a third of all assessed species, from monkeys to rhino rays

 Image result for species extinction chart

IUCN red list reveals wildlife destruction from treetop to ocean floor

From the tops of trees to the depths of the oceans, humanity’s destruction of wildlife is continuing to drive many species towards extinction, with the latest “red list” showing that a third of all species assessed are under threat.

 The Roloway monkey, one of the seven primate species pushed closer to extinction.

The razing of habitats and hunting for bushmeat has now driven seven primates into decline, while overfishing has pushed two families of extraordinary rays to the brink. Pollution, dams and over-abstraction of freshwater are responsible for serious declines in river wildlife from Mexico to Japan, while illegal logging is ravaging Madagascar’s rosewoods, and disease is decimating the American elm.




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