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Friday, March 1, 2019

Coming Soon: 2019 DEEP #Recession or #Depression

Dude, Where's My Cash?

The growing desperation for income

Recession Dead Ahead!

The data signals indicating that the US and global economies are entering recession are multiplying faster than rabbits on Viagra.
Crashing retail sales, rising layoffs, falling consumer & business confidence, slowing service-sector activity, tightening bank lending, a 3-year low on the Baltic Dry Index, falling auto sales combined with spiking auto loan delinquencies, increasing credit card default rates -- these are just a small smattering of warning signs pulled from this week's headlines.
We dived deep into these figures and their repercussions in our detailed report, You vs The Recession.
Its key takeaway is this: the unrelenting year-after-year gains across nearly all asset prices that we've enjoyed over the past decade are done. Moreover, they're highly-likely to reverse into losses as the arriving global recession takes hold.
Couple that loss of appreciation with the job losses that accompany recessions, and the outlook is bleak for those looking to protect and grow their financial wealth over the coming decade.

Such conditions make investing for income (inflation-adjusting and tax-advantaged whereever possible) not just prudent, but imperative.


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