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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#NASA Marks Hottest January Ever - NO ARCTIC WINTER!

No Winter for the Arctic 

We’re witnessing the end for Winter as we know it. Greenhouse emission — now pushing CO2 levels to above 405 ppm — is rapidly forcing our world to warm most swiftly in one of the absolute worst places imaginable: the Arctic.

Solar homes facing meter bill shock, delays as premium tariffs end

Some 150,000 households have been enjoying a 60c/kWh gross feed-in tariff for the last few years – that is 60c/kWh paid for entire output of their rooftop solar systems. However, that comes to an end on December 31,

Greece Faces New Round of Strikes and Protests

Lawyers, dockworkers, and teachers are all set to engage in job actions.

Why Is China Spending $43 Billion for a Farming Company?

The biggest overseas purchase in Chinese history is meant to ensure the world’s largest country can keep feeding its people.

Methane's Role in Arctic Warming

Greenhouse gas levels are higher over the Arctic than elsewhere on Earth, gasses that would otherwise be radiated out to space. The first image shows higher CO2 levels at higher latitudes north over 410 ppm. In the second that methane levels of over 1900 ppb over most of the Arctic Ocean on February 4, 2016. Surely these two events are connected!

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