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Monday, June 29, 2015

OMG = "Acute Disruption To The Global Food Supply," & More

The global food system is “under chronic pressure to meet an ever-rising demand, and its vulnerability to acute disruptions is compounded by factors such as climate change, water stress and heightening political instability.”

The Chinese are working feverishly to develop new offensive weapons systems that would only be used in such a war.  We are moving in that direction.  And this is how wars typically happen as events build up over time.

Russian crisis threatens 40,000 Swiss jobs: study

...if the sanctions are continued, Germany would lose 465,000 jobs, Italy 215,000 jobs, Spain 160,000 jobs and France 145,000 jobs, and the UK 110,000 jobs.Tit-for-tat retaliations by Russia are another part of the explanation for the negative economic impact.

This figure, as created by the EIA, has (with the media’s help) created the impression of a huge oil glut in the U.S. market. No one, either within the media or the industry, has asked for clarification of this number and it is instead taken as gospel. This is now wreaking havoc in energy states such as Texas, as well as threatening most oil companies as well as tens of thousands employed within the oil and gas industry. With such importance placed on a number which has impacted not only billions of dollars in company revenue but many lives for the worse, how can it be largely unchallenged by all but a few in the media?

The new studies do not come as a surprise to hydrologists like Jerad Bales, chief scientist for water at the United States Geological Survey. But for him and other experts, an open question is whether the governments and individuals who control groundwater can or will work to gain more knowledge about the extent of the resource and how much use is sustainable.

Cook and Sand have been working on the project since 2011. They received funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and have started a company, Ab E Discovery LLC, to commercialize the technology. Cook says they still need to “learn more on how it works. It is a very novel approach, so there is still much to be discovered academically while we help producers meet their goals privately.”

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