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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Bees, No Food - Then What? & More

There was also a practical issue — a major one. Literally, you couldn’t eat without bees; certainly you couldn’t listen to any coverage of colony collapse without being told that honeybees were responsible, through pollination, for one out of every three mouthfuls of food you ate. One out of three

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The researchers then injected water at pressure into the fault, near the borehole with their motion-detecting instrument (about 280 meters below ground). No earthquakes were detected in the first 18 minutes, even as the pressure increased, but the fault creeped about 0.3 millimeters. Shortly after, a little earthquake registered. More followed over the next five minutes, and the creep rate picked up as well. Before the first earthquake, the fault actually opened up a couple tenths of a millimeter, but that opening slowed as the earthquakes continued.

The more people start believing we can create a better society with lower emissions, the sooner they can start taking action. 

The precise factors leading to toxic blooms largely remain a mystery.

Unlike the more common PSP syndrome, which is resposible for shellfish closures off the coast of B.C. in the summer months, ASP also affects fish, which can then poison humans and other mammals that eat the affected fish.
The acid has been responsible for several deaths and has sickened more than 100 people, according to the Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Since 2007, global debt has grown by $57 trillion, raising the ratio of debt to GDP by 17 percentage points

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