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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

FOUR BILLION with NO Water In TEN Years, & More

 Four Billion People Without Water In
 10 Years! 
After That Things Go From
 Bad To Worse Than You Can Imagine.

Right now, 1 billion people walk a mile each day for water.

Image result for mass migration people

In 10 years 4 billion people will be without enough water.
In 10 years 2 billion people will be severely short of water.

Image result for groundwater depletion

Ground water depletion has gone critical in major agricultural centers worldwide.

Drought is spreading across the earth.

75% of the infrastructure they require does not exist.

We passed peak growth-rate for food production in 2006.

In 60 years, human agriculture will stop because of soil loss and degradation.

We add 1 million more people to earth every 5 days.

We have to grow more food over the next 50 years than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years, combined.

We will need 12 million acres of brand new farmland every year for 30 years to do it.
We are losing 24 million acres of farmland every year.
We will run out of easy access to 2 critical fertilizers.

Our crop lands and pastures are to blame for 80% of all recent land vertebrate extinctions says Anthony Barnosky.

In 20 years we will pass peak energy and minerals.

This will happen when all our new solar panels and wind mills stop working and become expensive junk we can't afford to replace or recycle in times of shortages in water, food, energy, minerals and civility.

Lots of guns and no food, water or energy makes Johnny a bad bad boy.

Image result for china russia navy drill

After all the violence, then the bad news starts. Never mind that magnetic pole reversal could cook the surface of earth for several hundred years...

...because in 25 years earth will go into a planetary ecological state shift and enter into runaway, irreversible, unstoppable mass extinction.

The last link he posts, the Collapse Data Cheat Sheet, gives a lot of environmental data about animals.

By Redditor /u/BeezleyBillyBub

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