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Saturday, October 5, 2013

#BBC - Oceans Doomed?

Oceans Doomed?

IPSO Review Reports Decline
(BBC Article)
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Here's another report that ties back the declining state of the Oceans to climate change, pollution, over-fishing and CO2 absorption, thus making the Oceans less alkaline and more acidic. Risking the extinction of the largest number of ocean species ever witnessed in human history. It is important to keep in mind that the health of the Oceans also impacts the speed of climate changes. They effectively feed on one another - serving to build into a rapid exponential decline in both systems that are critical to sustaining human enterprise. Fears are growing that the acidity of the Oceans is more rapid than expected, some even expect most will be acidic by the turn of this century.

Not good news!

So again, there are more and more signs that the environment is caving into the pressures of supporting ever-increasing economic activity. There may be a chance that the eco-systems are also set to continue declining, despite all efforts to immediately stop emissions and pollution. And as we know, that stoppage is not going to happen as long as we pursue endless economic and population growth. There is no sense of urgency, despite the traumatic consequences.

As a result, we can expect that natural forces will ultimately take matters into their own hands. There should be a fear that whatever occurs - could happen without much warning. Then all the urgency in the world cannot abate and remedy the deadly outcomes.

Dr Peter G Kinesa 
October 4, 2013        

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