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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Week Ended, August 18, 2013




Many months# ago we actually concluded that without Steve Jobs the company would not be able to repeat or meet the achievements or expectations of its founder. There is an artistic-creative element in people of Steve's character that cannot be replicated by professionally trained managers from Ivy-league business schools. 

Moreover, entrepreneurial vision and drive is a talent few ever configure in a similar way. 

So whether its Ford, Buffet, Carnegie, Gates, Stronich or Jobs, their unique compositions are rare and the companies they build and run are never the same once they move on.

Keeping Apple on the watch list, but our vision for the future remains short-sighted.

First Financial Insights
August 16, 2013

One primary rule of investing - when the Company's top executives start dumping their shares, it's time to head for the hills. We are not going to set out all the reasons why and all the excuses executives use to justify their dispositions. Nope, instead we are going to ask you to look at the fellow captioned above and ask "what if this guy started dumping shares in that small town company from Omaha?

Never happened, and if it did - you know that the flood waters are really coming. 

It all boils down to how do you believe in folks that do not believe in themselves? Just plain-old folksy small-town stuff. There is however-  one City-slicker - Jimmy Rogers, who thinks that Facebook is not an investment, its a waste of time. We agreed with him then, and still do. 

This also may explain why Facebook users are so depressed - they finally figured out Jim's astute observation.

Stockholders may soon join its users, as t is still just a click away from ten or less, on the Ticker. 

First Financial Insights
August 14, 2013 

" Facebook is not an investment, it's a waste of time" 

Now if you think that I have any thing further to say here or want to challenge these two guys on their stock wisdom,  you do not know me yet. Let's face (sic) it, if Facebook is our leading technology company, then we are in a heap of trouble. Seems like some of their top executives think the same way too. Imagine if the President said, "but, after this - I am leaving America"

There is something in good-ole small-town wisdom that appeals to me. Right Zeke?

Dr. Peter G Kinesa
August 14, 2013

Sure Zeke, l'll BFF you????

TORONTO CONDO bubble CRASHING – WHAT NEXT? - READ MORE   2008 Meltdown or Japanese Bubble... (read more)

When will they ever learn? Or is it simply in the nature of our species to always create these gigantic credit-driven asset bubbles? And why is it a social phenomenon that no country, culture or region is immune to through-out history? 

From a investment view, we are seriously perturbed about Toronto's Condo Bubble and the possible outcomes that could occur when the bubble further deflates. As a result, we have placed a number of sectors on our watch list; obviously including  retail, financial, property development and construction industries. In the weeks ahead, we will provide further.comments and analysis regarding the much anticipated fall-out with more specific industry assessments.  

Remember also how globalization was sold to us as the best way to improve national economic well-being, standards of living, create jobs and lower risk levels. Now everything is so deeply inter-connected financially, physically and politically, yet these promised improvements seem to be moving us in the opposite direction. Do you think it was all a big lie serving a few special global interests? Do you think that they pulled the wool over the eyes of our political geniuses?  If you do - then you are not alone!

It begs the question - who is really governing sovereign nations given all the operative trade agreements, and organizations, such as the WTO, EU, IMF, World Bank and others, with relegated powers? Have all these supra-constitutional connections watered-down sovereign constitutions so much that national destinies have been moved beyond elected officials' powers? This may explain why Canada patterned its monetary policies after the FED - they have to!

This is a big issue that requires a good deal more analysis and thought, but there are clear hints that "globalization" was just a crafty synonym disguising "annexation". What does that have to do with the price of Condo's in Toronto?

Lots! Just ask its Mayor.   

First Financial Insights

August 12, 2013

Asset Bubbles 101: 

In the end, remember nothing is...


What everyone should come to understand in the age of globalized economies is that no country, region or city is completely immune from the trends and events that occur around the planet. More so in the years ahead when shrinking raw material supplies and food stocks cause more unrest and political strife.In all likelihood making the originating shortages worse and causing spikes in CPI and accordingly the borrowing costs set by markets. 

Therefore, cities like Toronto may experience seemingly immune short-term booms, but the hardships of marginal countries ripple back, sooner or later . And as more and more countries are affected by climate change, resource shortages, social and political tensions, booms may actually become just pages in economic history books.Why? Because abstract economic theory's positive-sum-game is moving rapidly towards a head-on collision with existential economic theory's negative-sum-game. Somehow, reality has a way of defeating the wild speculations of old-age stories, as physics and mathematics are absolutely concrete in construction.

Having that in mind, we should be concerned that as the population-resources-depletion formula worsens we do not blindly fall into the "exponential economic trap". Illustrated by the simple idea.that when an element doubles with every unit measure of time, then at one minute to 12 its glass is half full -  fooling one to think a lot more time remains. What happens next is clear, but perhaps not so clear if the concept is ignored or misapplied. The exponential function in itself sets hard non-negotiable constraints on all asset bubbles, and also total physical economic outputs. We must remember not to forget the implications of this function and its real, but invisible existential constraints.

If we do, the clock says there won't be much, if any, time to fix the situation. This function is plainly ruthless.

Dr. Peter G Kinesa
August 13, 2013

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