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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Jim Rogers Blog : Central Mystic Bankers Sell Holdings - GOLD Prices make a nice, firm bottom when mystics start selling

The Jim Rogers Blog : Central Mystic Bankers  Sell Holdings - GOLD Prices will make a nice, firm bottom when the mystics start selling their gold out of despair

Who are the Mystics, JIM? Why are they selling? The first answer is Central Bankers; starting in developing countries, second in marginally developed countries; and lastly, all the rest. And they all have plans to unload their holdings on whomever will step up to the plate, while the gold party still commands peak prices. Central Bankers are like everyone else; wanting to keep their jobs. Big market wins do little for their meal ticket, but if they get caught on the short end, they might as well  start heading for the cottage. Permanently! Or much worse in some cases. Hee, hee...

Central Bankers are dumping  to balance out debt or pay for fiscal austerity measures and shortfalls with no end in sight. Politicians almost everywhere are desperate to save their hides, stem social unrest and avoid having their nations fall into the hands of revolutionaries. More countries are sure to be selling gold reserves in the future, as they too face austerities, caused by ever dwindling national resources, and yet more mouths to feed. Our finite planet is tightening the noose. Meanwhile, buyers are waking up, to the fact, that gold is a terrible investment, currency proxy or insurance device, as demonstrated by the past 30 years market performance.

Should Mystics overwhelm the market with sales (either directly or through collateral monetization)  - NO ONE; not even Jim, can then predict or fathom how low gold's price could go - even $50 an ounce is possible. We must never forget that we are dealing with a social phenomena, and not a scientific phenomena subject to object deterministic rules and observation. Therefore, anything is possible. Anything - and that goes both ways in this commodity's market.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
July 6, 2013


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