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Friday, July 5, 2013

Sign in Egypt protest: “Wake up America, Obama backs a fascist regime in Egypt.” (Picture) |

Sign in Egypt protest: “Wake up America, Obama backs a fascist regime in Egypt.” (Picture) |

Egypt cc

 "Feed them meat and potatoes"

What never ceases to amaze us is how everyone thinks this is all about ideology - what label would you like me to wear? Unless my belly is comfy; whatever politics, theology or economics you preach, you will not convince me or anyone else for that matter. Then once it is full. you have the opportunity to tell everyone why your way is the best way, and how it can and will be done forever. Then it becomes hard to fight the eternal benefits you promise with ideology through the narratives of science or logic. Who wants to give up a shot at eternity? So, almost everyone hedges their bets and buys into a label. Such is a simple view of life, from introspective nutshells -

Back to Egypt. Here again we can see that the real issue is "meat and potatoes." Seems as if they don't have enough to feed their ever expanding masses; they thus are prepared to follow anyone with a here-and-now solution, then worry about a bunch of tomorrows at some other convenient time. That makes sense.

Unfortunately, Egypt is on the growing list of Nauru Paradigm Countries, whereby the populations have overshot the delivery capacities of their physical economies - leading to shortages of just about everything needed to survive. Sadly, the WTO, IMF, World Bank, EU and leading economists and politicians have placed all of their bets on the abstractionist's economic models and are thereby insanely stoking the flames. When will they ever wake up?

So add Egypt to our coveted list of countries facing the final stages of the Nauru Paradigm, a nation that will now play out the Animal Farm parody for years to come, as long as incoming revolutionary leaders subscribe to outdated neo-classical economic theories - (Stories?) - they are guaranteed short careers in a shrinking world.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
July 5, 2013 

Egypt or Nauru: More Animal Farms?

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